I’m saying farewell to all of you who followed us and read our articles for the past three months.

It was a good time and we managed to go through a lot of interesting games and present them to you in the best way possible.

Whoever next sits behind this screen to write the daily  articles, I trully believe and hope that will bring up even better games

in even better manner and make you lust for playing them. We had time to see a lot of indie games, a lot of high quality

emotional stories with hard choices endings such as “Life is Strange”.

Games with so much vivid and colorful overall graphics such as Mirror’s Edge Catalyst, ABZU or Pneuma: Breath of Life.

Interesting and uncommon genres and combinations such as Unravel and INSIDE.

So now, I would like to give you a quick recap on every article written by me so far.

So, there we go:


-31.05.2017 A Forgotten Game?

-01.06.2017 A Future World?

-02.06.2017 Wild Adventure

-03.06.2017 The Shard

-04.06.2017 The Turing Test

-05.06.2017 Twin Sector

-06.06.2017 Q.U.B.E.

-07.06.2017 Is It A Game?

-08.06.2017 Sky-high Adventures

-09.06.2017 Papo & Yo

-10.06.2017 When Splinter Cell Meets Call Of Duty

-11.06.2017 Just Cause

-12.06.2017 Tom Clancy's The Division

-13.06.2017 Advanced Level Counter-Strike

-14.06.2017 They Worship Death

-15.06.2017 47

-16.06.2017 Assassin’s Creed

-17.06.2017 Sniper Elite

-18.06.2017 Syndicate

-19.06.2017 Murdered: Soul Suspect

-20.06.2017 Pneuma: Breath Of Life

-21.06.2017 Firewatch

-22.06.2017 Life is Strange

-23.06.2017 Symbolism In Games

-24.06.2017 VR In Future Gaming

-25.06.2017 AI In Games

-26.06.2017 Unreal Engine 4

-27.06.2017 The Impact Of Program Music In Games

-28.06.2017 Actors Behind Characters

-29.06.2017 Writers

-30.06.2017 Voices Behind

-01.07.2017 Far Cry Map Editors

-02.07.2017 The Vanishing Of Ethan Carter l

-03.07.2017 Watch Dogs

-05.07.2017 Portal

-06.07.2017 Dishonored

-07.07.2017 Ghosts on Duty

-08.07.2017 Gaming Industry

-09.07.2017 No Man’s Sky (And The Noise Around It)

-10.07.2017 Indie Games

-12.07.2017 RiME

-13.07.2017 Valley

-14.07.2017 Sky Valley

-15.07.2017 Astroneer

-16.07.2017 Halfway

-17.07.2017 Detroit Become Human

-19.07.2017 CyberPunk 2077

-20.07.2017 Star Citizen

-21.07.2017 Freeman Star Edge

-22.07.2017 A Legendary Game

-24.07.2017 EVE Online

-26.07.2017 Quantum Break

-27.07.2017 Endless Space

-28.07.2017 EVERYWHERƎ

-29.07.2017 Monument Valley

-30.07.2017 Stellaris

-31.07.2017 Dual Universe

-02.08.2017 Matterfall

-03.08.2017 ELEX

-04.08.2017 Ori And The Blind Forest

-05.08.2017 Lone Echo

-06.08.2017 Avatar

-07.08.2017 P.A.M.E.L.A.

-08.08.2017 Life is Strange: Before The Storm

-09.08.2017 The Skies

-10.08.2017 Homefront The Revolution

-11.08.2017 Ashes of the Singularity

-12.08.2017 INSIDE

-13.08.2017 Little Nightmares

-14.08.2017 LIMBO

-15.08.2017 The Witness

-16.08.2017 Unravel

-18.08.2017 Oxenfree

-19.08.2017 ABZÛ

-20.08.2017 The Last Guardian

-21.08.2017 ADR1FT

-22.08.2017 Robinson: The Journey

-24.08.2017 Tacoma

-25.08.2017 What Remains of Edith Finch

-26.08.2017 P.O.L.L.E.N

-27.08.2017 The Assembly

-28.08.2017 Dreamfall Chapters

-29.08.2017 The Gallery

-30.08.2017 Everybody's Gone to the Rapture

-31.08.2017 Farewell


One song ends, but the story never ends.

So, farewell ten.


Written by: Adrian Dimitrijeski

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