Freeman Star Edge

Freeman Star Edge

This is one futristic game with high degree of freedom for one player and yet it is a indie game, meaning that the developers

KK Game Studio had to do their project without much financial support by any publisher whatsoever. This is also why the game

might come out in 2018 rather than expected December this year. However, the early access will be available in September and

a playable demo is now out there.
In this game as we said you, as the player have a very high freedom. This is simply and mostly given by the pre-game story which is

that you are a mercenary that was exiled to the far reaches of the Galaxy and therefore you will start over and build your new life.

You can choose your character (male or female), then you can customize the character to the extent of the makeup and lets not forget

about stuff like: skin colour, hair style, eyes and everything else. You will be able to customize your characters with a large variety of

different outfits, armor types and weapons, showcasing pistols, rifles and machine guns, as well as melee weapons. You can also own

your own house and customize it with different items as you progress with your own storyline.
Beware. Who you are is defined by what you do. You can travel freely between planets to planets, smuggle rare goods, mine expensive

metals, wipe out bandits, loot settlements, or become a warlord and conquer the galaxy. Simply put, you have the freedom to play the

way you want. For this, you will also be able to recruit and hire your own army to join your team and fight by your side.
Shortly, you can fly across the galaxy, land on and explore many different planets, go on for a walk in futuristic cities or peek into the

past of lost civilisations by discovering and exploring their ruins deep under the surface of a frozen world. It is a vivid sci-fi

open world game that awaits your discovery. World with many different things to be seen.

Written by: Adrian Dimitrijeski

Watch for more:
FREEMAN STAR EDGE - Gameplay Trailer - NEW Open World Game (FULL HD)

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