Ashes of the Singularity

Ashes of the Singularity

Back in 2016, on 31-st of March, Stardock Entertainment published its product developed with the cooperative help by

Oxide Games for PC only available in both single-player and multiplayer game modes as a real-time strategy game. They

have put special focus on the program music as they have assigned Geoff Knor, Michael Curran and Richard Gibbs for that task.

However, one main disadvantage of this game are its recommended system requirements such as 64-bit W10, Intel Core i5 processor,

16GB RAM, NVidia GTX 970, DirectX Version 12, 30GB available space and 1920x1080 Display Resolution or Higher which make the

game already very inacessible to many people.

Its main distinction is its ability to handle thousands of individual units engaging in combat simultaneously, far greater than most other

games of its kind, across large maps and without abstraction. This is achieved through a newly developed engine called Nitrous designed

to fully leverage modern 64-bit multi-core processors, reflected in the relatively high system requirements (which include a quad-core processor).

To allow players to effectively control such large numbers of units, groups of individual units can be combined into "meta-units" which operate

in a cohesive manner, upon which complex strategies can be developed.

You can play it by yourself against a powerful non-cheating AI in skirmish or campaign mode and whatever mode you play, the strategy is always

the key, thigs such as deciding what technologies to research, where to send your armies, how to manage your economy, and what units to construct

are crucial to victory.

One interesting thing is that Ashes of the Singularity was the first video game released with DirectX 12 support. It is also one of the first to support Vulkan.

And also on November 10-th, 2016 Ashes of the Singularity: Escalation was released. It is a standalone expansion that adds to the base game with more units,

maps, and structures, as well as several interface tweaks. The total player count was also increased from 8 to 16 players. The expansion was later merged

into the base game on February 16, 2017 after it became apparent that the separate games divided the player community.

Written by: Adrian Dimitrijeski

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Ashes of the Singularity - Gameplay Trailer
Ashes of the Singularity launch date trailer

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