You find your woman of your life. Julia. She becomes your wife. You plan to have children.

Then suddenly... You discover that she develops early-onset dementia. Things get worse.

One night jou’re jailed for driving drunk at nihght wile she is sleeping. Her parents find out.

She is being taken away from you. That summer you come across a leaflet for a job.
You take it.
You take a job as a Shoshone National Forest fire lookout. On the first day, you are being

contacted by your supervisor Delilah via walkie-talkie and are askesd to investigate illegal

fireworks at a nearby lake. By the lake, you find two teenage girls skinny dipping.

They acuse you of leering. On your return to your watchtower you find a locked cave and

upon your exit you spot a shrouded figure. From this point things get insane. You find your

watchtower ransacked, your comunications to the world are cut clean, the girls campsite is

in wreck and abandoned. You find belongings of a boy named Brian Goodwin, son of Ned,

a fellow lookout. They have dissapeared without a trace. The teenage girls are reported missing.

Someone is watching you and overhearing your conversations with Delilah. You’re knocked out.

You wake up and enter government research area. There you find more surveillance equipment

and typewritten reports detailing your and Delilah's lives and conversations. Fire is set by

unknown man. You find Brian’s corpse lying down the cave and it feels like everything is falling

apart and as if everything is against you.
This is a game that takes you on a gut-wrenching experience, like some kind of soft horror that

gives you little irritations from that constant tension which keeps you frosty at all times.

The constant uncertainty along with the sad background story at the begining, very well

represent the numb feelings that the main protagonist, Henry, has. There is even a

theory out there that in fact Henry is the one that has dementia and lives in his

own world, which, as a possibility, is one horrific indeed and yet possible, very possible.
This game is simply one worth the time spent.

Written by: Adrian Dimitrijeski

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