Just what if I told you that one of the people most responsible for the success of Grand Theft Autoand especially

GTA 5 and as well as the online version, was making a new game that was like that but way bigger, would you want

to know more? Here you go. Former Rockstar North studio head Leslie Benzies announced a new project called

Everywhere. The backgroung story begins back in 2014 as Leslie Benzies left the company after an extended

sabbatical, sued the company (has filed a lawsuit against Rockstar for allegedly unpaid royalties), and set up a

number of rival companies. Payout or no, he didn't however leave alone, instead he took former lead programmer

Colin Entwistle and former audio director Matthew Smith with him to start his new studio. They left Rockstar in

2015 to form their own studio called Square Peg Game or Royal Circus Games as the name of the studio is not yet

to be certain. So now, GTA Online could have its first major rival, as a number of ex-Rockstar developers team-up

to make this new massive online game. The goal is to create a platform where players can be entertained, and also

entertain others while blurring the lines between reality, and a simulated world. 

Multiple narratives are present in the game and each given player can customize of their own volition. It is set in an

open world environment and will feature seamless cooperative multiplayer so that it lets you seamlessly go from

single to multiplayer. Everywhere is developed with the game engine Amazon Lumberyard (a 3D game engine based

on CryEngine) because this is a leaner, more efficient experience, reportedly. So, Everywhere (stylised as EVERYWHERƎ)

is an upcoming open world video game coming from studios based in Edinburgh, Budapest and Los Angeles. It is created

with the intention of offering a less restrictive experience than that of other games. The game draws most of its influence

from real life. While the game has multiple narratives, they also want us to create our own narratives that include characters

with a real personality. And just if they do this right, they are going to give us the chance to really live out our fantasies, not

just the limited fantasies that most games set up for us, and do so in a deeply immersive way.


P.S. Leslie Benzies: "I see a future where we don’t reference single or multiplayer, we just choose when we play and if we want

to hang out with others or we want to be alone. Just like real life, sometimes I want to be with people, sometimes I don’t, or I

want them around but I don’t want to interact with them. We’re making Everywhere as seamless as possible so players won’t

have to think about jumping from mode to mode, except when it helps the gameplay."


Written by: Adrian Dimitrijeski


Watch for more:

EVERYWHERE Official Trailer

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