The Turing Test

The Turing Test
Europa. Jupiter's natural satellite. Cold and harsh place yet hides the most precious thing that man could imagine.A way to immortality. It comes in a form of organism called ‘organism 119’, a bacteria that regenerates itself at exponentially higher rates than normal. And, whoever or whatewer is ‘infected’ with this bacteria becomes immortal because of that property. All that is awesome but as always there is one big fat but (no pun intended :) )so the problem that this bacteria might contamine or combine with other bacterias and diseases  so that whoever is infected with that new disease will bear it until his end and if he is immortal...
So, a space research team assigned to explore Europa and its possible bio-life discovered this bacteria 119 and some crew members are infected with it. On their space station there is one so called Technical Operations Machine AKA T.O.M. which is an artificial intelligence that monitors the whole project. The main character, Ava Turing (symbolically named after Alan Turing, the creator of the famous turing test that decides whether a robot possess intelligence or not and thus gives evidence of AI or Artificial Intelligence, Ava originates from Eva) is the last crew member that is awaken from the cryogenic hibernation and sent down to Europa by T.O.M with an excuse that the crew might be in danger.
When she arrives at Europa, she enters the crew’s base which is a complex of rooms of complex puzzles that need to be solved by both human and AI as simillar to the actual turing test by Alan Turing. As Ava advances further she discoveres one ugly truth that turns the whole game upside-down and is a real turning point in the game which makes the story exciting and yet appaling as you might find out if you enter the secret rooms that are out there, especially one of them. In these rooms you will find audio records which reveal it all as well as messages that also contain a hexadecimal code that if you translate it (try doing it by hand, it’s more interesting and challenging), you’ll know even more about T.O.M.’s plans and intentions. This is a puzzle game that differs from the mainstream gaming and yet is much better than many well-known games.


Written by: Adrian Dimitrijeski



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The Turing Test - Release Date Trailer
The Turing Test - Launch Ava trailer


The Turing Test Art Gallery (Click to open)



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