Lone Echo

Lone Echo

Before some two weeks (20-th of July) a wonderful VR game emerged into the world, by Ready At Dawn developers

and was published by Oculus Studios for Microsoft Windows/Oculus Rift, directed by Ru Weerasuriya an Dana Jan

under production by Ru Weerasuriya also. The game engine used, was Ready At Dawn Engine handled by Jacob

Copenhaver as the games’ programmer and Nathan Phail-Liff, the man behind the art part of the game. Available in

both single-player and multiplayer modes, this game is adventure VR video game and as well as sports game if we

take into consideration a team-based multiplayer sports mode called the Echo Arena which was also released as a

stand-alone game.

The story is set aboard a space mining station named Kronos II orbiting Saturn, in the year 2126 and you take control of

an ECHO ONE service android nicknamed "Jack," and begins with a mysterious spacial anomaly that knocks out some of

the station's vital systems and Jack and human crew member Olivia Rhodes work together to repair the damage and

investigate the mysterious phenomenon. It consists of both exploration and using tools and objects to solve puzzles.

Of particular note is the game's locomotion system, which allows you to grab almost any surface, and either move yourself

along or push off of the environment to float in a given direction. You also are given wrist-mounted thrusters that can be used

to change or finesse a trajectory.

You can pick up and move objects, as well as manipulate switches and control panels. In addition you are given a data scanner

that can interface with machinery, and a plasma cutter than can cut through certain surfaces. As a service android, you must

repair damaged or inoperable systems, as well as aid and protect the station's sole human crew member, with whom you interact

using dialog trees. So this should be something like The Turing Test or Q.U.B.E., space-puzzle VR this time, video game.

Echo Arena is a team-based sports game, based around the locomotion mechanics of Lone Echo. Players compete in an arena to

grab a flying disc and throw it through the opposition's goal. Players can grab onto other players and punch opposing players in

the head to stun them, making it a full-contact sport.

Prior to its launch, Lone Echo won the Game Critics Award for Best VR Game at E3 2017 giving us the audiences the greenlight

that we need and that tells us that this game is just worth playing it undoubtedly.


Written by: Adrian Dimitrijeski


Watch for more:

'Lone Echo' Launch Trailer

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