Homefront The Revolution

Homefront The Revolution

Developed by Dambuster Studios and published by Deep Silver with the direction of Hasit Zala and production going under

David Stenton, this game was designed by Adam Duckett and Sam Howels with the programming assistance by James Chilvers

under CryEngine and with the help of the artist Rachele Doimo with the story written by Alex Hood and Hasit Zala alongside

with Graeme Norgate as the composer of the program music, this game makes a good both mulitiplayer and single-player,

first-person shooter video game for the Linux, Microsoft Windows, OS X, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One platforms that was

released back in 2016 on 20-th of may for Europe.

The story takes place in an alternate history setting in which the digital revolution of the 1970s took place in North Korea's

"Silicon River" (Ryesong River in our timeline) rather than the "Silicon Valley" of Northern California. In 1977, North Korea's

communist government falls out of favor after a series of devastating floods and Kim Il-sung resigns from office and replaced

with a more moderate Premier, Lee Dong-won. As a result, the now capitalist nation of North Korea has become the most

powerful and influential nation on Earth, controlled by the APEX Corporation and led by a Steve Jobs-like figure named

Joe Tae-Se. The United States, meanwhile, after years of multiple conflicts in the Middle East under Presidents George W. Bush

and John McCain, is a pariah state amongst the international community as well as suffering from massive war debt from

purchasing weapons technology from APEX and is in severe economic conditions. In 2025, the United States' economy

collapses, forcing the USA to default on their debt to North Korea. Joe Tae-Se's son, APEX CEO and North Korean Premier

John Tae-Se, (with the approval of the international community) uses this as a pretext to invade and occupy the country, using

a backdoor installed in all APEX technology to shut down the United States military. Although initially presented as an

international humanitarian effort to restore stability to the United States after the economic collapse, the Koreans proceed

to strip mine the country for its natural resources to repay the debt, and proceed to brutalize the populace in response to a

national resistance movement against the occupation. The game takes place in Philadelphia in 2029, four years into the occupation.

The new Philadelphia is a heavily policed and oppressed environment, with civilians living in fear as the Korean People's Army patrol

multiple districts in the city, aided by American collaborators led by Mayor Simpson.

Written by: Adrian Dimitrijeski

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