Is It A Game?

Is It A Game?

LDD or LEGO Digital Designer is a kind of an "application" that allows the "user" to build almost unlimited world because you can build across large area and you might also reach the number of 100 000 bricks before it starts crashing, this means that probably by some 60 000 bricks you will experience slowing of the working process and you might experience problems with loading the model if it contains that much bricks as well as having hard times moving the model or models or just moving with your cursor through the model. Although it is not as good as Minecraft, still it can be challenging exceptionally if you use the 'mindstorms' mode which employs knowledge of REAL physics and especially electronics thus making the game a bit more smart and difficult than Minecraft. However, this game lacks of the necessity to create a huge variety of different items but, on the other hand, it gives you the space to express your creativity and sharp-mindedness thus leaving you to create your own world or model using only roughly shaped bricks which create the crafting more difficult if you want to reach perfection in shape. So, speaking of the question where LDD should be considered a game or not I would point out several things about this game or app whatever you like. Firstly LDD has no story, has no point, has no ending and thus has no message. According to these characteristics we can say that it is not a game and that it is just an app. But, looking from the other perspective, LDD is more than just a game because it gives you the ability to be the creator of one, it lets you build your own world and characters and make your own story for what you have made and today it is easier than ever to create a game using other software and LDD can serve as an excellent sketch that allows to make your visualization of your project in a more fashionable yet unique and challenging way. LDD is also more than an app because it gives you the choice to send your model to the LEGO company so that they can make the bricks and the full manual how to craft the model and send you your creation to your home so that you can materialise your ideas and bring them from your abstract thinking world to the real physic world! Of course, you will need to pay for their service and that depends on the amount of bricks that you used, and also maybe, just maybe, if you have an a good idea, you might become their contractor and actually earn money.

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