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Doom 3 Cheats for pc

Here are the cheats for Doom 3. You can start using them by pressing Ctrl+Alt+~(Tilde) to bring up the command console

pm_thirdperson 0    3rd Person View OFF
pm_thirdperson 1    3rd Person View ON
give keys    All keys
clearlights    All lights turn off. Only light is by flashlight....
give all    All weapons with full ammo, health and armor
give berserk    Berserk mode
give weapon_bfg    BFG
give weapon_chaingun    Chaingun
give weapon_chainsaw    Chainsaw
clear    Clear console text
kill    Commit suicide
pm_crouchspeed ###    Defines how fast you are when you crouch.
pm_runspeed ###    Defines how fast you are when you run/sprint.
pm_walkspeed ###    Defines how fast you are when you walk.
pm_noclipspeed ###    Defines how fast you move with the "noclip" code turned on.
pm_jumpheight ###    Defines how high you jump.
com_showfps 1    Draws your Framerate.
freeze    Freeze all on screen
benchmark    Game Benchmark
give weapon_rocketlauncher    give weapon_rocketlauncher
give weapon_flashlight    Gives Flashlight
give pda    Gives PDAs/disks of the level you're in.
give armor    Gives you 125 armor
god    God Mode
set g_dragEntity 1    Grabs objects/bodies when you aim and fire at them
gfxinfo    Graphicscard infomation
notarget    Invisibility to most enemies
killmoveables    Kill all moving enemies
killragdolls    Kill all non-moving enemies
killmonsters    Kills all Monsters
listmonsters    Lists images of monsters
listlightdefs    Lists indicated def file settings
give weapon_machinegun    Machinegun
testlight    Makes a light for you to see better
give ammo    Max Ammo
give health    Max Health
editor    Opens up map editor
give weapon_plasmagun    Plasmagun
quit    Quit game
Com_Fixedtic -1    Removes 60 FPS Limit
aviDemo    Saves a demo of your playing to an AVI movie file
idkfa    secret message
say <message>    Send message to everyone in multi-player
r_brightness <#>    Set brightness level
r_gamma <0-3>    Set gamma level
give weapon_shotgun    Shotgun
spawn monster_zombie_morgue    Spawns a zombie similar to the one in the infirmary.
com_allowconsole 1    This will make it so you only have to press ~ to open the console, no longer alt+ctrl+~.
g_showprojectilepct 1    Toggle hit % to HUD
s_showlevelmeter 1    Toggle sound level display
g_nightmare 1    Unlock Nightmare Mode
noclip    Walk through solid objects
g_showplayershadow 1    You can see your shadow during singleplayer.
status    Your game status

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