SuperPower 2 Cover

SuperPower 2

Publisher: DreamCatcher

Genre: Strategy

ESRB/ Pegi: T

Our rating 7.5
user rating 0 0 user/s have rated

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SuperPower 2 Cheats for pc

Press CTRL + C to enter the console. Use the code and hit enter when you finish

c_halt [on or off]    Block EHE from taking any action
c_action [country code 1-140] [action code 1-86]    Country will do specific action on next turn
c_testaction [action code 1-86]    Does action on all countries and logs results
c_logEHEeffects [country code 1-140] [on or off]    Log consequences of the actions of indicated country
c_loghistory [on or off]    Logs all modifications of controlled countries to text file
c_teleport [on or off]    Override new codes and enable free troop movement
g_conquer [country code 1-140] [on or off]    Player controls indicated country if on
Quit_to_desktop    Quit game
c_resetbehavior    Reset AI behavior
g_time [number]    Set number of turns
g_player [country code 1-140]    Set player country
g_regime [country code 1-140] [anarchy, dictator, monarchy, totaldemo, or demo]    Set regime of selected country to the one specified
g_goal [goal number] [on or off]    Set the goal number to true or false

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