The Sims 3: Seasons

Published by sneska on 15 Feb, 2013

  The Four Seasons

  Electronic Arts every few months publishes additions to the Sims 3 and the last one makes significant changes to the gameplay, although most of the new elements are interesting only when most of players first saw it.

  Basically, Seasons in the world of the Sims introduces seasons and weather (no)opportunities that each of them brings. Depending on our preferences, it is possible to determine how long each takes, and even let him out, so that for example we only have summer and winter if we are disgusted sudden spring showers or autumn mist. Regarding the seasons come and activities, so our winter people build snowmen, in the summer enjoy the beach, but there are challenges that should not be taken lightly. For example, prolonged exposure to the sun can cause skin burns, colder periods require warmer clothes, which is why we no longer have to deal with hygiene and neglecting such things brings negative bonuses that are reflected in all areas of life for our characters. 

  Certainly, the expansion brings a number of new items as well as some new sports training which allows a variety of tricks on snow or sand, and reaching certain goals in life. How much this news are welcomed and interesting when you first meet with them it seems that they are insufficient to deal with more Sims. Perhaps that new career improve things, but such upgrades are not available in Seasons. Of course, this is not worth for housewives who filled there unfulfilled dreams and achieve the ideal marriage in these games, as well as other fanboys where The Sims peak their virtual entertainment - these will provide any expansion anyway, regardless of content.

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The Sims 3: Seasons

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