Battlefield 4 Cover

Battlefield 4

Publisher: Electronic Arts

Genre: First Person Shooter

ESRB/ Pegi: M17+

Our rating 8.5
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Battlefield 4 Cheats for pc

Battlefield 4 Secrets/Cheats:

Here are some of the things you can unlock/obtain/find in-game:

DICE References:

- In a few bars, some wine bottles have labels of older DICE projects such as Battlefield: 1942 and Frostbite 2. You may also notice that boxes in some areas of the game are labeled with ECID Shipping manifests. "ECID" is "DICE" spelled backwards.

Hidden Conversation:

- Irish and Pac have a random conversation about fortune cookies and other explicit activities if you don't call the elevator in the Shanghaimission.
Easter Egg Basket

- In the Flood Zone map during multiplayer, you'll find some Easter eggs and baskets on the roof and in the sheds, near the middle of the map.

Mirror's Edge Promo:

- In the second campaign mission, you'll visit hotels in Shanghai. Watch the TVs in that hotel to see quick promo text referencing various aspects of Mirror's Edge, another game from DICE.

Battlefield Friends:

- Battlefield Friends is a series started by Machinima that "follows the antics of four Battlefield players." In the Tashgar campaign mission, you'll reach a point where friendlies let you into the base. Head up the alleyway to find soldier groups. If you stay near them long enough, they'll begin to quote characters from the video series.

A Dinosaur:

- In the Battlefield series, a running cameo is the appearance of dinosaurs. Battlefield 4 keeps that theme going. In the Shanghai campaign mission, a dinosaur decoration can been seen hanging from the rear view mirror of the car, in the first cutscene.

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