Age of Empires Cover

Age of Empires

Publisher: Microsoft

Genre: Historic Real-Time Strategy

ESRB/ Pegi: T

Our rating 7.9
user rating 0 0 user/s have rated

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Age of Empires Cheats for pc

Press "Enter" to bring up the chat and type any of the cheats below:

BIGDADDY    black sports car with a rocket launcher
PEPPERONI PIZZA    1000 food bonus
COINAGE    1000 gold bonus
QUARRY    1000 stone bonus
WOODSTOCK    1000 wood bonus
UPSIDFLINTMOBILE    Accelerates your Chariot Archers
DIEDIEDIE    All enemy units die
STEROIDS    Buildings and units are created instantly
King Arthur    Changes all birds into Dragons
PHOTON MAN    Create a guy in a white suit with a quick- fire laser gun
E=MC2 TROOPER    Creates a guy in a white suit with a slow- firing nuke gun
Big Momma    Creates a White Sports Car
Stormbilly    Creates some sort of walker
GAIA    Gives you control over nature (but lose control over your own civilization)
KILLX    Kill player X
HOYOHOYO    Priests are faster and stronger
NO FOG    Removes the fog of war
REVEAL MAP    Reveals the map
MEDUSA    Transforms villagers to Medusas
DARK RAIN    Turns a Bowman into a Composite Bowman which turns into a tree when not moving
BIG BERTHA    Turns Heavy Catapults into Big Berthas
BLACK RIDER    Turns Horse Archers into Black Riders
FLYING DUTCHMAN    Upgrade your Catapult Tiremes/Juggernauts into Flying Dutchmen
HARI KARI    You lose the game
RESIGN    You resign
HOME RUN    You win the game
ICBM    Your Ballistas and Helepolis have a 99+1 range
JACK BE NIMBLE    Your catapults and stone throwers fire villagers, cows, etc.

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