Just Dance 4 Cover

Just Dance 4

Publisher: Ubisoft

Genre: Puzzle

ESRB/ Pegi: E

Our rating 8.6
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Just Dance 4 Wii Game

Just Dance 4 - Short description

Just Dance 4 is an upcoming music video game, developed by Ubisoft as the fourth main installment of the Just Dance series of dance games. Announced at E3 2012 by Flo Rida & Aisha Tyler, the game will be released on the Wii, the PlayStation 3 (for PlayStation Move), and the Xbox 360 (for Kinect). A version of the game for the upcoming Wii U console is also planned, which will be released alongside with the system during the 2012 holiday season.

Gameplay remains similar to previous Just Dance games, as players are judged on their ability to mimic on-screen dancers performing a routine to a chosen song. New features in Just Dance 4 will include a dance battle mode, expansions to the game's Just Sweat mode, unlockable bonus routines for songs, and a "Puppet Master" mode exclusive to the Wii U version, which will allow a player to use the Wii U's controller to serve as a "Master" to manipulate the routine and visuals. According to early screenshots of the game, effort ratings have been removed.
Players can also unlock "Dance Quests", six objectives for each song that can be completed. It is currently unknown how these Quests are completed and what rewards they will give. Players can also create "Dancer Cards", which display their favorite songs, best scores, challenges and more. Online leaderboards are also available for the Wii U, PS3 and Xbox 360 versions of the game.

Source: Wikipedia, Game's homepage

Game Screenshots

Just Dance 4  gameplay screenshot Just Dance 4  gameplay screenshot Just Dance 4  gameplay screenshot Just Dance 4  gameplay screenshot


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