Gas Guzzlers Combat Carnage Cover

Gas Guzzlers Combat Carnage

Publisher: Gamepires

Genre: Racing

ESRB/ Pegi: RP

Our rating 8.4
user rating 0 0 user/s have rated

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Gas Guzzlers Combat Carnage PC Game

Gas Guzzlers Combat Carnage System Requirements

Minimum system requirements

    Windows® Vista / 7
    2.0 GHz Dual-core Intel or AMD Processor
    2 GB Available System Memory
    7 GB Available Hard Drive Space
    512 MB DirectX® 9-compatible Video Card w/ Shader Model 3.0 (GeForce® 8800 Ultra or AMD/ATI 4850)
    DirectX® 9.0c

Recommended system requirements

    2.4 GHz Quad-core Q6600 or equivalent AMD Processor
    4 GB Available System Memory
    1 GB DirectX® 9-compatible Video Card (GeForce® 560, Radeon® 6850)
    3D-compatible Sound Card

Game Screenshots

Gas Guzzlers Combat Carnage  gameplay screenshot Gas Guzzlers Combat Carnage  gameplay screenshot Gas Guzzlers Combat Carnage  gameplay screenshot Gas Guzzlers Combat Carnage  gameplay screenshot


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