Xbox Boss Unsure if Project Scorpio Will Appear Before E3 2017

Head honcho of Xbox, Phil Spencer, has revealed on Twitter that he's not sure as to whether the upcoming Project Scorpio Xbox console will make its appearance prior to E3 2017.

As stated by Head of Xbox Phil Spencer, it's actually still uncertain that the console will be able to make an appearance before E3 2017. Xbox's chief took to Twitter to answer some questions from fans, and answered a query as to whether Project Scorpio would make an appearance before the expo. Spencer's answer was "honestly not sure yet but I know people want this."

On the question about whether he was happy how Scorpio was proceeding, he replied "absolutely, great that our 1st party teams are getting engines up and running, great progress across studios." This confirms the comments made by Halo director Frank O'Connor, who revealed that Project Scorpio was "beefier" than he had expected.

Even though some fans might get disappointed that an in-the-flesh view of the Scorpio may not be possible until E3 2017, it really isn't off the cards just yet. After all, it won't be the first time that Spencer's flair of a surprise reveal has come to the fore, so it could be that the console is ready to go prioir to E3 2017. Naturally, a large chunk of time might be focused on the souped-up console at the expo, but would that be the first time that gamers will be able to truly understand what it offers is not certain just yet.

This isn't the only time that Phil Spencer has talked about it over recent days, either. The Xbox head has openly discussed about the surprise cancellation of Scalebound, explaining that although it was a hard decision to make, it was still the right one for Xbox gamers. Meanwhile, Spencer also reiterated that the cancellation of Scalebound will not have any effect on the company's chances of taking risks in the future.

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