The Xbox One S Will Launch This August

Microsoft has announced that the Xbox One S is officially coming on August 2 as a launch day edition, followed by more versions sometime after.

At E3 2016, Microsoft revealed one of the worst secrets that shouldn't be kept for an entire year: the Xbox One S. The recent console that was made public is a slimmer version of the existing hardware, and shows off a few extra features that the standard Xbox One simply doesn't have.

Today, as stated by Microsoft, the Xbox One S will officially arrive on August 2nd, which gives gamers plenty of time ahead of the holiday window to think about whether they'll pick up the console or not.

Just like when the original Xbox One launched, Microsoft will be releasing a launch day edition of the new hardware which is going to be available until supplies run out. The Xbox One S launch edition features an impressive 2TB hard drive, with a price tag of $399 USD ($499 CAD). Microsoft also plans on releasing 1TB and 500GB versions of the console, which run at a more affordable $349 USD and $299 USD as previously predicted.

Sadly, smaller versions of the Xbox One that should've come at the same time as the launch edition of the console won't be hitting the market, so those waiting for the cheaper bundles will have to wait a little longer. The Xbox One S is going to be 40% of the size of its larger cousin, and it's the only way for gamers to access 4K visuals until the eventual release of the powerful Xbox Scorpio system.

It's also equipped with an IR blaster, and will come packaged with a vertical stand so that gamers who wish to stand up their Xbox One S can make it happen without worrying about the console falling back onto its side. Gamers who are interested on buying one can pre-order the console from the official Microsoft Store, or a variety of online retailers like Amazon.

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