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PS4 Update 4.0 Goes Live Tomorrow, Features Improved UI, Folders, & More

Sony Interactive Entertainment gives an official sneak peek of what's going to come in the PlayStation 4's Update 4.0 with improved UI, folders, and more.

Those who had registered and were chosen by Sony during the PS4's Update 4.0 beta signups couple of weeks ago will soon be able to participate in the experience of the new features and changes provided in the firmware overhaul, as the official public field test starts tomorrow. Codenamed "Shingen," the PS4 Update 4.0 can be accessed by fans picked for the trial as soon as instructions on how to download the upgrade are sent out via emails by Sony.

As found in an official post on the PlayStation Blog, the PS4's Update 4.0 will contain a lot of firmware features hinted at in a user survey that was published almost a year ago. For example, there's going to be the expected addition of folders, an entirely new and improved UI, refreshed and updated menus, changes to Trophies, Quick Menu adjustments, as well as new options for personalization.

Starting with folders, the PS4's Update 4.0 will give fans the ability to organize their games and apps in one place for easier access. This will work alongside the previously mentioned sorting tools for the library, like the means to see a tab called Purchased Content, which was designed to show all of the content owned by users at the time while the main Library only displays materials currently installed on the console, making it simpler for players to track down desired games and applications.

The PS4 Update 4.0's UI refresh will also include a system of revised pop-up notifications, updated system icons, and new system backgrounds from which to choose. As it's described in the PlayStation Blog, players will be able to try out a more refined and easy to use interface. Naturally, fans won't necessarily know if such variations are indeed acceptable until the beta starts tomorrow.

The PS4's Update 4.0 beta is scheduled to arrive tomorrow on August 16, 2016, but there's no official release date for the final version.

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