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Street Fighter 5 Mod Adds Overwatch’s Reaper as Playable Fighter

Thanks to the great and talented game’s modding community another Overwatch character is joining the ranks and making an appearance in Capcom’s Street Fighter 5. With a highly rated quality texture added over the top of American fighter Charlie Nah Reaper joins the fight!
This time Nash has been brought back from the dead just like Reaper witch is making the character a good fit for the Reaper’s remodel. The two of them are with the power of teleportation and dual shotgun – wielding offence heroes which will fit Reaper in Street Fighter 5 almost perfectly.
You can view some of the action in this video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kB5ZFllke7I
PC Best Mods shows off a glimpse of the Street Fighter 5’s cinematic story in the video from above, showing that Reaper is taking Nash’s place in several occasions.
Reaper and Nash together are a good match because Charlie Nash’s is much more ruthless and diven by anger in this story then he ever was in the previous Street Fighter games.
Now the Soldier 76 skin for Guile is all that we need.
The fighting game fan community who play the latest Street Fighter title on PC are having quite a choice to pick characters from Overwatch at this point, because the game’s modding community has already seen Mei,Reinhardt, D.Va, Sombra, Roadhog, Tracer being added as playable characters.
It’s quite interesting to see how mostly of the team – based shooter’s characters from Overwatch fit in the Street Fighter’s style, all hopes are up to see Dhalsim and Zenyatta come next.
Other Street Fighter news are that the recently added Thailand stage which was made famous thanks to Street Fighter 2, has been removed because of religious controversy.
Due to M.Bison’s Buddhist temple containing some insensitive religious material after two days of the stage’s release Capcom was forced to take the new area back down.
This is not the first controversy that the fighter has been subjected to, although a lot of fans were unhappy because of the sudden changes that were made to Cammy, with claims that the appearance of the character was altered in order to make it look more attractive.
Street Fighter 5 in available to play now for Xbox One , PS4 and on PC.

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