Destiny 2 Gameplay Reveal Date Set

After the reveal trailer, Bungie has announced plans to broadcast the first gameplay footage from Destiny 2 as part of a livestream event set to take place in May.

Destiny 2's long awaited reveal took place couple of days ago, as Bungie broadcasted the game's reveal trailer and gave fans a look at the Cabal invasion of Earth. Now, the wait starts for our first glimpse at the game in action - but there's a rumor that we'll see gameplay sooner than expected. Bungie has announced plans to host a gameplay livestream on May 18. The broadcast will likely focus on "a variety of fun, action-oriented activities" that players can experience in Destiny 2, and will also showcase the "brand-new, epic adventure" that's in store.

According to these comments, it seems like fans will be taken deep into the kinds of activities included in Destiny 2. Its predecessor got widely criticized for the lack of content, so it will make a lot more sense if Bungie focuses on what players can do in the sequel from the outset.

Naturally, the gameplay won't reveal much more to us about Destiny 2 than what kind of missions are being offered. It has been known for a while that the follow-up would drop support for the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360, but soon we'll have some information on what improvements this has brought about.

With the sequel confirmed for PC and leaving behind those last-gen platforms, the expectation is that Destiny 2 will at least have some new improvements, but that should only be the tip of the iceberg. Rumors have circulated for a while that the sequel would substantially change up how players communicate with the content in-game, but how exactly is currently unclear.

Destroying a Tower will open up many possibilities, but that doesn't mean Destiny 2 will turn into a fully-fledged MMO either. To put it differently, don't expect the game to look significantly different from its predecessor in terms of gameplay, although there might be new subclasses on the table.

Destiny 2 is set to launch for Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC on September 8.

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