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Publisher: Blue Orca Studios

Genre: Puzzle

ESRB/ Pegi: E

Our rating 9.7
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Reflectica ANDROID Game

Price: Free

Game size: 32 MB

Reflectica - Short description

Reflectica is a very easy to understand but hard to master, physics based game dealing with the principles of “optics”. The player
has to arrange basic geometric shapes to help the ray of light, to reflect off various surfaces and find it's way to the
light hole. The geometric shapes such as rectangles, squares, crosses etc, will gather to form a unique solution or path for the ray to follow and reach its destination. Some of these shapes will be dynamic and depend on the player for their eventual position. Whereas some of the shapes will be static and present the player with an added challenge and serve as obstacles.
In contrast to flat surfaces of rectangles, squares, and crosses, the light ray will also have to reflect off curved surfaces of convex and concave shapes. These surfaces will reflect the ray at an angle varying in degree from its incident angle, hence, making the scenario more challenging and interesting.
Reflectica will challenge a player’s basic knowledge of the behavior of light and also push him/her to towards finding his/her own unique solution.

The player will come face to face with a peril of finding the right surfaces and angles for the ray to bounce off and reach its destination. The player will have the liberty to move the dynamic tiles either vertically or horizontally in an attempt to identify
their exact position required to help the light ray to reflect and avoid obstacles while reaching the light hole. Furthermore, the added factor of time will also give the player a chance to earn rewards and accumulate stars to go higher on the leaderboard.

Source: Wikipedia, Game's homepage

Game Screenshots

Reflectica  gameplay screenshot Reflectica  gameplay screenshot Reflectica  gameplay screenshot Reflectica  gameplay screenshot


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