Max Payne 3 Cover

Max Payne 3

Publisher: Rockstar Studios

Our rating 9.0
user rating 8.5 2 user/s have rated

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Max Payne 3 PC Game

Genre: Action

ESRB/ Pegi: M

Max Payne 3 - Short description

Max Payne 3 is a third-person shooter in which the player assumes the role of its titular character, Max Payne. Max Payne 3 will feature the over-the-shoulder zoom aiming and cover mechanics. However, these will just serve as garnish to the game's classic run-and-gun shooting. Max Payne 3 will also make return of bullet-time in action sequences, which the franchise is notable for. In bullet time it will be possible to see every bullet make a hole in your foes.  A "Last Man Standing" mechanic, which gives Max a reprieve from death for a small period if he has one painkiller on him. If the player is able fill the enemy that delivered the wounding shot with bullets he'll recover enough energy to soldier on.

Max Payne 3 retains the shoot-dodge mechanic from the previous games. Max will also be able to stay grounded after a dive, which enables him to shoot 360 degrees around. Rockstar has blended physics and animation, so that when Max dives around, he does so appropriately according to his surroundings. Through advanced utilization of the Euphoria physics engine, shooting and killing enemies in Max Payne 3 will look noticeably more realistic than in any preceding Rockstar games as well.

New to the series are cinematic action movements, essentially interactive cut-scenes. Max must for example leap off a factory balcony, grab hold of a crane's hook and shoot at a crowd of thugs while swinging around in slo-mo. Should a thug get too close, Max can throw a few elbows and feet around to disarm and kill them in one crunching blow.
[edit] Multiplayer

The game's online multiplayer features maps and modes that dynamically change within a match, as well as reward, ranking and clan systems.

Source: Wikipedia, Game's homepage

Max Payne 3 System Requirements

Minimum system requirements

Windows 7/Vista/XP PC (32 or 64 bit)
Intel Dual Core 2.4 GHZ or AMD Dual Core 2.6 GHZ, or better
2GB System RAM
NVIDIA GeForce 8600 GT 512MB RAM
or AMD Radeon HD 3400 512MB RAM

Recommended system requirements

Windows 7/Vista (32 or 64 bit)
Intel i7 Quad Core 2.8Ghz or AMD equivalent
3GB System RAM
NVIDIA GeForce 480 1GB RAM
or AMD Radeon HD 5870 1GB RAM

Game Screenshots

Max Payne 3  gameplay screenshot Max Payne 3  gameplay screenshot Max Payne 3  gameplay screenshot Max Payne 3  gameplay screenshot


63 comment/sAdd a comment

Comment by: CENATION on 26 Apr, 2012


Comment by: KILLER on 28 Apr, 2012


Comment by: Necromancer on 31 May, 2012

16GB is wrong. This games rely on 32bits, so this take a 3.3 GB at maximun memory

Comment by: tae on 1 Jun, 2012

putangina taas ng requriments kingina nyo bulok

Comment by: Alex on 1 Jun, 2012

the game is so so so goooood!!!!!but 24 gb is to much for downloading for limeted internet!! :-))

Comment by: sherif on 1 Jun, 2012

i have nvidia geforce gt 220 and amd athlon 7550 dual core processor and 4 gb ram can i run it ?

Comment by: bivor kumar on 4 Jun, 2012

my sys inf i have nivdia 210 1gb graphics card, 4 gb ram, amd phenom ll 555 processor 3.2 Can max payne3 run on my system

Comment by: Suel on 3 Jun, 2012

Yes Max Payne 3 shud run on your PC

Comment by: DanyMac on 4 Jun, 2012

Hi guys. I have an Acer Aspire 5538G System: AMD Athlon 64 X2 L310 (1.20 GHz) ATI Mobility Radeon HD 4330 2304MB HyperMemory 4 GB Memory 320 GB HDD I dont think I can play this game :/ but give me your opinions plz

Comment by: DanyMac on 4 Jun, 2012

* With or without Window Mode?

Comment by: Tome on 4 Jun, 2012

@bivor kumar
Yes you can run but your nivdia 210 1gb may cause very low FPS

Comment by: Tome on 4 Jun, 2012

Even if it Starts i dont thing will be Playble

Comment by: Alexx on 6 Jun, 2012

i have i3 cpu 530 2.93 ghz , RAM 4gb graphic card gt 240 1gb! how do i set the graphics setings??

Comment by: Tome on 6 Jun, 2012

Should work well on medium. Try some setting on high until the game runs smoothly.

Comment by: viesta on 7 Jun, 2012

e7200, OCed to 3.2GHz 3gb ddr2 XFX HD 6870 Black,, Can I really play this on High ?

Comment by: Tome on 7 Jun, 2012

at HD 1920x1080 no :(
on smaller resolution yes some settings can be high :)
just improvise with your video settings

Comment by: Tome on 8 Jun, 2012

Some games will run (like GTA, CoD, Walking Dead... (but very low FPS)) I recommend if you want to play games to buy PC :)

Comment by: Alexx on 8 Jun, 2012

@Tome I play all on high... texture Very High and it's great!! Slip!!:-))

Comment by: DanyMac on 8 Jun, 2012

Tome or someone else, I need some help. I have a list of games that I don't know if I can run them. - GTA IV/Episodes from Liberty City - Far Cry 3 - Splinter Cell: Blacklist - CoD Modern Warfare 3 - BTFL 3 - Crysis 3 - Saints Row 3 - LA Noire - Dead Rising 2 - Walking Dead - Sleeping Dogs - Rage - BTLF BC 2 - Just Cause 2 - BioShock 2 My PC:Acer Aspire 5538G System: AMD Athlon 64 X2 L310 (1.20 GHz) ATI Mobility Radeon HD 4330 2304MB HyperMemory 4 GB Memory 320 GB HDD Thanks in advance to anyone who helps me. :D

Comment by: DanyMac on 9 Jun, 2012

Thanks Time, Yeah, I have to buy a much better PC.

Comment by: Rolli666 on 9 Jun, 2012

Good Lord Guys go get a 7770 for 100 or a 550 for 2. cards are not that much. Oh and laptops are gay.

Comment by: sushant on 13 Jun, 2012

hi i have i3 2100 3.1ghz 4gb ram nvidia gt 520 2gb will i be able to run game smoothly? and at what resolution?

Comment by: Tome on 13 Jun, 2012

You can run MP3 but I suggest you to upgrate your graphics card with a better one.

Comment by: vp on 14 Jun, 2012

my configuration is geforce 210 1 gb, 4 gb ram,intel core i2.Will it work without any problem?

Comment by: Kelvin on 15 Jun, 2012

I have Core 2 Duo 2.13ghz,3gb ram Ati Tadeon HD 5450 1gb can i run this game

Comment by: Tome on 15 Jun, 2012

yes you can run but if you could changed your graphics card. ( low FPS)

Comment by: gulshan on 16 Jun, 2012

i have nividia Geforce GT520 - 1GB Graphic Card with 2 gb ram and processor Core 2 Duo 2.22ghz..will i'll be able 2 run this game? If not then what should i do..plz tell..

Comment by: Tome on 17 Jun, 2012

Yes you can run but buy a better graphics card

Comment by: 56 on 20 Jun, 2012


Comment by: bilal on 20 Jun, 2012

i have core 2 quad q6600 and 9800gt and 4 gb ram i install max payne 3 but it is not ruinnig when i click to start my cpu temperature rise to 100' and a blank screen appear was the problem????Help!!!

Comment by: Tome on 20 Jun, 2012

I suggest to take your computer in service

Comment by: kan on 28 Jun, 2012

Will I be able to run it on my 8400 Gs 512 mb graphic card please tell me

Comment by: ankit on 15 Jul, 2012

i have core i3 3.1 ghz 2gb ram gt 520 2gbddr3 can i play

Comment by: semih on 15 Jul, 2012

Hi guys: I know i can run Max Payne 3 on my PC, but it's running well? Specs: Intel Q9650 @3ghz EVGA GTX 580 3GB 4Gb RAM WIN7 64BIT Already thanks 4 the help.

Comment by: Tome on 16 Jul, 2012

Hi Semih
Max Payne 3 should running well on your PC :)

Comment by: Tome on 16 Jul, 2012

Hello ankit Max Payne 3 eill run on your PC but try to get better Graphics Card :)

Comment by: max on 30 Jul, 2012

i have a desktop with 2.2 ghz core 2 duo processor..2.5 gb ram and 512mb 9600 gt graphics card and a laptop with 2nd generation i3 processor 4gb ram and 1gb gt520m graphics card..can i play max payne 3 on both systems?

Comment by: Ali on 2 Aug, 2012

i have instald max payne 3, but error comes when i launch game "analog input cant display this video mode" how can i solve this my sys is 2gb nvidia geforce GT 430, 2.8 intel dual core processor and 2gb of RAM

Comment by: prince on 7 Aug, 2012

i cant install social club on win 7 64bit it says windows not supported do i have to install sp! for win 7??

Comment by: Tonie on 10 Aug, 2012

my pc has got a configuration of processor core i3 ram of 4 gb and grapics card of nvdia g force gt240 will max payne support on my system?????

Comment by: Kevin on 10 Aug, 2012

I have Core 2 Duo e6400 2.13ghz,3gb ram Ati Radeon HD 5450 1gb can i run this game

Comment by: Funkypopcorn on 13 Aug, 2012

what for some settings can I run on Win 7 64 bit I7 2600 3,4 GT 520 1GB 8 GB RAM

Comment by: Tome on 13 Aug, 2012

yes you can run but get better Graphics Card

Comment by: Tome on 13 Aug, 2012

Yes you can run MP3

Comment by: Tome on 13 Aug, 2012

Yes you PC will play Max Payne 3 Well

Comment by: Tome on 13 Aug, 2012

Try with compatibility mode

Comment by: funkypopcorn on 14 Aug, 2012

will soon buy the GTX 560 ten

Comment by: Zain on 19 Aug, 2012

hi guys... well cuious to know if i can run it?? sys specs are 2GB ram, intel pentium dual core b950 2.1Ghz, intel hd gfx 2000... please tell!!

Comment by: Ryan on 21 Aug, 2012

Im pretty sure it will run on mine, but want opinion, AMD FX- 4100 Quad Core Black Edtion 3.6ghz 12MB Cache, 6GB ddr3 ram, 1TB HDD, and ATI Radeon 1024MB Graphics DDR5 WITH direct x 11. I mean it plays BF3 on ultra settings no problems. But i hear this game is insane!

Comment by: Ryan on 26 Aug, 2012

I got my answer. nevermind. I went out and bought the game. AMD FX 4100 Quad-core 3.6ghz 12MB Cache, 6gb corsair ddr3 ram, 1TB HDD, ATI Radeon 5850 1GB DDR5, my system plays its with all graphics maxxed out just fine. It is having no issues at all. Thanks guys!!

Comment by: Irfan on 31 Aug, 2012

AMD phenom II X2 560 (black) and nvidia ge force 9400 gt 1GB Will MP3 run

Comment by: Tome on 31 Aug, 2012

yes will run on minimum with lag and low fps. You should immediately get a better graphic card :)

Comment by: Collar69 on 1 Jan, 2013

Windows XP service pack3, amd athlon 64x2 dual core processor 5000 , 2.61GHz 3.00 gb ram, GeForce Gt 240. Keep closing unexpectedly after social login. Help please!!

Comment by: amman on 23 Jan, 2013

i have core i3 4gb ram intel 3000hd graphices crd can i run this

Comment by: amman on 23 Jan, 2013

my laptop is core i3 lenovo intel 3000 hd graphic crd 500gb hdrive can i run this game tell me plz

Comment by: Tomas on 21 Feb, 2013

i have 8gb ram gt430 1gb ddr3 and core i5-3570 3.4

Comment by: Rimo.... on 21 Feb, 2013

Can i run this game in 2 gb ram and 1 gb nvidia gt 220 grphis card?? My prosesser is intel pentium core 3.67 ghz...

Comment by: Rimo on 21 Feb, 2013

Can i run this game?? In minimum setings

Comment by: Rimo on 23 Feb, 2013

Can i run this game minimum setings???????

Comment by: Arunsain on 15 Apr, 2013

when i run the game it gives error .please run maxpyane 3 using launcher . My pc configration is 2 gb ram 1 gb graphics card . dual core 2.5 ghz processor . is it suitable to run this game

Comment by: Clay on 16 May, 2013

i have CPU : Dual Core 3.22 . 3.20 RAM : 4 GB GPU : Galaxy 640 GT 2 GB 128 bit

Comment by: vishal on 18 May, 2013

i have a intel p4 laptop, 2.3ghz, 320gb hard disk, and a 1gb ddr2 ram..can i run this game??

Comment by: a on 29 Jun, 2013

I5 4670 3.4GHZ 8RAM 4*2 1TB NVIDIA GTX 780 3gb winforce 3x WIN 7 64 BIT THIS IS PC CAN RUN IT ON 100 FPS AND BETER?

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