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Publisher: Other

Genre: Fantasy Action Adventure

ESRB/ Pegi: E

Our rating 7.7
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Rune PC Game

Rune System Requirements

Minimum system requirements

CPU Type: Pentium II, AMD K6-2/3 or Celeron
CPU Speed: 300 MHz
Hard Drive Space: 88MB
Sound Card: DirectX compatible
CD Drive Speed: 4X
Video Card: DirectX compatible
Video RAM: 8MB
Graphics Type: Direct3D, Glide, OpenGL, Me Tal, Software Rendering
Compatible Devices: mouse, keyboard, joystick

Recommended system requirements

CPU Type: AMD Athlon, Pentium III
CPU Speed: 450 MHz
RAM: 128MB
Hard Drive Space: 650MB
Sound Card: EAX, A3D
CD Drive Speed: 8X
Video Card: 3D accelerator
Graphics Accelerators Supported: nVidia TNT Series/GeForce Series, ATI Rage 128/Radeon, 3dfx Voodoo5, Matrox G400

Rune - Short description

Incorporating both Norse mythology and Viking lore, Rune contains more than 30 single-player missions and 15 unique weapons. The game utilizes a significantly modified version of the Unreal Tournament engine but, unlike that game, Rune uses a third-person perspective so the hero is visible on screen at all times.

Players take on the role of Ragnar, a strong, young Viking destined for greatness. Ragnar's father has been killed by the evil Viking Conrad and makes retribution his quest. As the adventure progresses, Ragnar meets many enemies with various motivations and powers and finds many weapons, each of which offers its wielder a special power of its own.

The smaller, early-game weapons usually improve Ragnar's defense while some of the more advanced weapons can unleash enormously powerful attacks. Ragnar becomes stronger as he makes his way through the world and gains experience. With each violent confrontation his bloodlust grows, eventually allowing him to enter a berserk-like rage in which the damage he inflicts is greatly amplified.

Special dynamic lighting enhancements allow subtle transparencies and shadows that move with the characters, climbing up walls and disappearing around corners. Character models allow attacks and actions against a creature to have different effects on different body parts, thus, the well-publicized ability of Ragnar to not only sever an enemy's leg but to then pick it up and use it as a weapon against other foes!

The manual features a six part background story on Ragnar's trials and acceptance as a mighty Viking warrior who earns the right to wear the medallion that designates him as a member of the fierce Odinsblade contingent. The interface supports keyboard, mouse, and joystick, and gameplay includes an onscreen HUD that reflects the status of health, shield, rune power, breath and bloodlust.

Source: Wikipedia, Game's homepage

Game Screenshots

Rune  gameplay screenshot Rune  gameplay screenshot Rune  gameplay screenshot Rune  gameplay screenshot


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