Knights vs Orcs Cover

Knights vs Orcs

Publisher: VascoGames

Genre: Strategy

ESRB/ Pegi: T

Our rating 6.6
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Knights vs Orcs iOS Game

Price: Free

Game size: 98.4 MB

Knights vs Orcs - Short description

So many years have past since orcs were first introduced to the fantasy realms. Orcs and humans never got along and well... they still don't. They fight whenever they see eachother and honestly, I don’t see this brawl ending anytime soon. Although… now is your time to shine and join the onslaught. Pick up your sword and shield or battle axe and choose your favourite side in Knights vs Orcs. Let the slaughter begin!

???The Game???
In a way this game is about tower defense. Whether you play as a Paladin or as an Orcish Warlord, you will reign supreme by defending your headquarters and destroying the enemy base. You can build a minion army by collecting resources and upgrading (tech) to new tiers. Minions have strengths and weaknesses, based on the rock-paper-scissors principle. For example the standard orc troops are relatively slow, but can take a punch. Knights are small but fast. Your units will move from your nerve center to the enemy headquarters and slaughter everything in their path (or die tryin. Usually that...)

???The Imperial Legion???
The Imperial Legion is the first faction you will unlock and is led by the Paladin. This army is a mix between heavy siege weapons, magic and light infantry. Spend your resources well and defeat the enemy by being quick and cunning. Your army consists of the following units:
> Basic Knight armed with sword and shield. They slaughter all in big groups.
> Ranger/Archer armed with a rifle to engage at a safe distance. Very strong vs slow, heavy targets
> Grenadier/Alchemist/Witch armed with bombs and flasks. Massive area of effect (aoe) damage, but can
> Basic Siege Engine. Fast buggy made of wood. Heavy close combat minion.
> Sorcerer armed with magic staff and the ability to convert enemy troops. Faith is a weapon!

The Imperial Legion is supported by the following special powers:
> Off map reinforcements
> Siege Knight
> Slaughter Tractor
> Steam Bomber

Source: Wikipedia, Game's homepage

Game Screenshots

Knights vs Orcs  gameplay screenshot Knights vs Orcs  gameplay screenshot Knights vs Orcs  gameplay screenshot Knights vs Orcs  gameplay screenshot


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