PS4 Update 4.5 Includes Boost Mode for PS4 Pro

Beta testers of PS4 Update 4.5 have revealed that the new console system patch contains a feature called 'Boost Mode' that increases game performance on the new PS4 Pro system.

Even though not every game uses the extra power of the PlayStation PS4 Pro, most will be forced to do so when the Update 4.5 arrives. According to beta testers for the new system patch, Update 4.5 will have a feature called 'Boost Mode' that will make any game run better on the PS4 pro console.

It's worth noting that Sony did not detail Boost Mode in its blog post for Update 4.5, instead chose to focus on external HDD support and the ability to customize wallpapers. Perhaps Boost Mode is not a guaranteed feature for PS4 Update 4.5 and Sony is simply testing to see if it actually works.

For those that want to know more, Boost Mode will supposedly improve gameplay for titles that were released prior to the PS4 Pro's debut at the end of last year. Range will vary based on the game, but one of the highlighted improvements by the Boost Mode description is higher frame rates.

On average, most console games run at 30 frames per second and a resolution of 1080p, but this boost mode might help push games closer to the 60fps standard seen in PC games. Being able to play a game at 60fps can make all the difference for some, while others are perfectly fine with 30fps. Perhaps this boost mode might change their mode, assuming its "boosting" is actually noticeable.

Without any further testing, there's no way of knowing if the feature will even make noticeable changes to games, as some of the games with baked in PS4 Pro support don't run markedly better than their regular PS4 counterparts. In fact, it's the 4k and HDR that make a difference on the PS4 Pro, not necessarily a couple extra frames per second.

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