Pokemon Sun and Moon Adds Next Mythical Pokemon

Nintendo has officially announced the next Pokemon Sun and Pokemon Moon mythical Pokemon, and it will be the much-anticipated Fighting/Ghost-type Marshadow.

Pokemon Sun and Pokemon Moon have entirely revitalized the Pokemon franchise in a way that most gamers didn't think was possible after twenty years. While there were couple of innovations made to the series that pushed it back into gaming relevance, however, it was the change in location and aesthetic that has made Pokemon Sun and Moon feel like a natural evolution of the series.

Fans from all over the world have remarked on the new games' colorful and fun new Pokemon, and Nintendo has now announced that one of the most highly anticipated new Pokemon will finally be made available soon - the mythical Pokemon Marshadow is on its way to Pokemon Sun and Pokemon Moon.

Pokemon trainers have known about Marshadow since early November, when Pokemon Sun and Moon's Z-moves were revealed and the creature's "Soul Stealing 7-Star Strike" was first showed off. Since then, however, gamers have wanted to hear more about when they will finally have a chance to add Marshadow to their team, and the teaser video shown below promises it will appear sooner rather than later. That makes sense, since Marshadow is planned to feature in the next Pokemon movie, which is set to release in Japan in mid-July.

Although it remains to be seen if Marshadow will make a splash competitively, fans have already found the creature's gloomy look and adorable features appealing. Even though a Ghost/Fighting-type is a strange hybrid that isn't seen in the series that often, it doesn't necessarily mean it will be powerful - the Pokemon Sun and Moon meta has been pretty strictly defined so far, with the only major shake-ups coming from the professional Pokemon player bannings that occurred few months ago.

Pokemon Sun and Pokemon Moon are currently available for Nintendo 3DS.


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