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No health regeneration and ammo packs in Call of Duty WW2

Activision has finally decided to reveal the full details of Call Of Duty WW2 yesterday by releasing a first look game trailer bringing the game story back to the past, rather then having super modern soldiers because of the health regeneration. Sledgehammer Games team is working on implementing something new which is a bit more authentic. In fact they decited to remove the health regeneration of Call Of Duty: MM2 completely, because of that change coming to the game players will have to be more carefull about each and every bullet and rely more on finding med-packs and asking for help from the medic soldiers.
The Sledgegammer co-founder Micheal Condrey decided to explain a bit more about how the team decided and managed to remove the feeling of being a super soldier in the game. There are a few gameplay mechanics in place in Call Of Duty : MM2 , for example where one’s squad plays then bigger part then the others, each of them specialized into a different role in the game. Players that will need help can just get closer his particular member and then you will have the trait active.
We have and example of that in the first look trailer where a player low of ammo can simply receive another ammo magazine from one of his squad members.
We got another hint from Condrey where he says that there will be some moments where the players won’t have full access to their particular squad member during the campaign, requiring the player to figure out a new strategy. Because without constant health regeneration and no easy way to find med-packs or ammo will pursuade the player to think twice before wasting ammunition and making rational decisions if he wants to live a bit longer and be more successful in the game.
And ofcourse regarding the multiplayer which is a major draw for the Call of Duty franchise players won’t have to wait too long for the reveal because Activision is planning a large reveal in June during E3, then we will be able to see some of the new features like War mode and the teased social hub space called Headquarters.  

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