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Hearthstone Gives Out Free Packs to Celebrate 70 Million Players

Hearthstone is one of the biggest gaming success stories in the past few years and that is no secret, now Hearthstone has become one of the biggest and most popular Blizzard’s multiplayer game. Now we got information from the studio that the game has reached and incredible amount of player’s 70 million to be exact. Although Hearthstone is a free – to – play game, but is still is a pretty astounding figure.
More impressive is the fact that since the release of their latest expansion Journey to Un’Goro, they have recorded more concurrent players than ever before.
For those that don’t know Journey to Un’Goro is the collectible card game’s fifth expansion in Hearthstone. It adds 135 new card to mix along with some new mechanics. Among a few of them is the new Adapt feature that allows minions to change based on certain game condition and Quest cards.
The quest cards require players to use certain cars in a certain way and order to be able to unlock new move sets, cards, and abilities.
Because of this outstanding accomplishment, Blizzard has decided to send players a small gift to show it’s appreciation. For those who logs into Hearthstone between now and the end of May will be eligible to claim three free Journey to Un’Goro card packs, this will be an opportunity for players to get and test some of the new cards that have been introduced to the game from the new expansion. Some of the free packs will also be of help for players to save some money, because it is Sayed that collecting all of the Journey to Un’Goro collection of cards will probably cost the player about 400$, depending on the luck if not maybe even more.
Is it hard to say that it is true that Hearthstone is facing some difficulties regarding having constant variety of players playing the game, depend less of that this new news demonstrate that there are people who are still enjoying and have a lot of interest in the game. All it remains is for us to see if the game will be so much popular a year from now, or five years from now, but for the past three years it’s certainly had an incredible run.
Hearthstone is available to play now on PC and mobile devices to.

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