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500 Fans Will Get To Play The Legend of Zelda Early

Everyone who wants to play The Legend of Zelda before anyone else, will have to be first in line, or at least one of the 500 people who will get that opportunity.

Nintendo decided to give 500 lucky fans the chance to experience The Legend od Zelda this June at their New York store.

"Super Fan Signup Day" or June 11, is an event where 500 fans of Nintendo will receive the opportunity to check out The Legend of Zelda before everyone else. They will be given a special wristband which can be exchanged for a ticket, guaranteeing them a spot in the time slots when the game can be played which is from June 14 through June 19.

"This free six day event will begin at noon ET on June 14. That's when fans will be invited to watch The Legend of Zelda gameplay, which will be live streamed from Nintendo's booth at E3's video game trade show this year in Los Angeles. The game will be streamed to a 4.5 meter TV gaming screen inside Nintendo NY," said Nintendo in a statement recently.

This will be the first in-depth look at this new Zelda title, which looks to provide something new to the long running franchise. The first of the 500 "ticket-wielders" will get to sample the game at 3 PM Eastern Time. They will get a taste of Nintendo's mysterious title, The Legend of Zelda, before anyone else does. Experts will also be there, to provide professional gameplay help to anyone who gets stuck, and they will also provide gameplay demonstrations on the big screen which, it's safe to say, will enjoy many people. Some of the viewers might even get the chance to join in and take part in The Legend of Zelda trivia to win prizes, or at least have fun trying.

The new game, which Nintendo announced, will be their only playable title for E3 2016. It is said that it will break conventions of previous games, though no one is sure in which way they mean this. While they are "playing cards close to their chest". rumors are becoming stronger and stronger, especially with a recent report, suggesting that The Legend of Zelda will be ported to the upcoming NX console.

In the mean time, all that remains for us is to wait in order to learn something more about the new game in the Zelda franchise, though fans are getting impatient for their Hyrule fix to still have the option to play the recent 3DS remasters.

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