Chocolate Crazy Chef Cover

Chocolate Crazy Chef

Publisher: TabTale

Genre: Casual

ESRB/ Pegi: E

Our rating 8.9
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Chocolate Crazy Chef ANDROID Game

Price: Free

Game size: 25 MB

Chocolate Crazy Chef - Short description

Did you ever dream that you could make your very own chocolate? Now you can! Start from scratch with the chocolate mix, then let your imagination go wild and add any ingredient you want! Make your creations into fun shapes and decorate them so they can be truly unique! But that’s not all, after all this fun cooking, eat it up! Make a milkshake, send it to a friend, or even just eat it all yourself! You’re the chocolate maker!

? Start with the Mixing!
Use all the basic ingredients for normal chocolate to get the base. Now we can use the fun stuff! Strawberries, jalapeños, and flowers; it’s all there for you to use! We even have our very own TabTale candies! You’re the cook, the chocolate maker, it’s all up to you!

? The first step to decorate!
Now that you have the chocolate you want, you can make it into so many fun shapes! You can make dolphins, planes, balloons, accordions, and even make a birthday cake-shaped chocolate!

? Now Freeze!
Put the chocolate in the freezer, and look at our friendly thermometer to make sure you take it out in time like a real cook!

? Make it yours with your decorations- and icing!
Decorate it! You can put candy hearts, chocolate swirls, candy canes, chocolate bowties, and crowns! When you’re done with these decorations, don’t forget the icing!

? Box it up!
Once you made your chocolate, you can put it in a box for anyone you want!You can decorate your box too! No two chocolates in your chocolate maker box will be the same! Choose from four different themes including animals, vehicles, instruments, and celebrations!

? Eat it, Shake it, Share it!
Now for the cook’s delight: once you’ve decorated your decadent creation it is ready for eating! You were the maker, now you are the eater! But it’s not just to eat, it’s ready to drink too! Throw it into the blender with milk and make a delicious shake! Send a picture of your chocolate sensations to family and friends via email!

Chocolate Crazy Chef - Make Your Own Box of Chocolates Features:
> Put all the ingredients in bowl and start the chocolate mix, with all the special ingredients you can think of, like a crazy cook!
> Pick your mold and pour in the chocolate!
> Put the mold and chocolate in the freezer but be careful, too long in the freezer and your chocolate won’t be good!
> Add icing on the chocolate; put as much as you want!
> Place all of your four unique chocolates in a gift box, eat it all yourself, send it, or share it! It’s up to you!
> Put the chocolates in a blender and then you can have a milkshake too!

Source: Wikipedia, Game's homepage

Game Screenshots

Chocolate Crazy Chef  gameplay screenshot Chocolate Crazy Chef  gameplay screenshot Chocolate Crazy Chef  gameplay screenshot Chocolate Crazy Chef  gameplay screenshot


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