Magic Sword Cover

Magic Sword

Publisher: Playphone

Genre: Action & Arcade

ESRB/ Pegi: E

Our rating 7.8
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Magic Sword ANDROID Game

Price: Free

Game size: 46 MB

Magic Sword - Short description

You come to the battlefield on the back of a dragon holding the awesome Magic Swords and wearing gorgeous armor, bring endless death and destruction to all enemies!

? Multiple Characters: There are 4 powerful characters each with different identities and capacities to choose from. In the world of the Magic Swords, you can perform powerful melee attacks against enemies with armor and sword, but also turn into a magic wielder to assist your teammates using powerful spells and wisdom! Each character has unique skills, attack modes and gameplay strategies.

?Employment Team System: Players can employ a companion to fight together before battles, adding strength in those dangerous levels. Rich attack modes and skills depend on different groups configurations and weapons.
Talent Reward System: As you level up, more talent points can be earned to enhance your skills. You are able to choose your favorite methods of upgrading to write your own mythology!

?Crafting Equipment: Mighty Bosses in ancient dungeons will drop various rare formulas that you can use to further strengthen your equipment and craft more unique magic weapons. With your extended abilities, it’s easy to cast new unique powerful ancient weapons!

?Simple Controls: You can easily slide your finger across the empty area of the screen to move primary character around. It’s very intuitive, comfortable and user-friendly to control without the old style virtual-keypad mode. The whole battle between millions of enemies and you is just a touch of your fingers!

?Auto-attack - you can perform amazing combos automatically by simply moving your character near an enemy then pressing the magic spells buttons.
?Specifically designed and built for touch screens, using this new style control design, to provide a never before seen action game experience!

Source: Wikipedia, Game's homepage

Game Screenshots

Magic Sword  gameplay screenshot Magic Sword  gameplay screenshot Magic Sword  gameplay screenshot Magic Sword  gameplay screenshot


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